How it Works

Welcome to Press Release Writers! Our company is happy to offer you quality press releases writing and PR distribution services. This page will explain how our process works to help you. All press release services are completed with improving your traffic and expanding your company.

How it Works

Step 1: Place your order

When you come to us for PR services we make the ordering process as easy as possible. You simply need to go to the order form and fill out all of the empty fields! We will ask for details and specifications about your press release so that we can do the very best job distributing it, and with the information you give us we can give you the release you have been waiting for! We are able to assist customers with all types of PR distribution including custom written press release writing!

We will ask you questions like:
  • What is the name of the company you are promoting?
  • What links would you like to include?
  • What is your contact number?
  • What is the topic your press release is focused on?
  • What specific details would you like to include in your press release?

Step 2: We send you a press release draft

We write the press release that you have requested, and sending you the first draft is an important part of the process. With us you get to review the PR writing services that you have received, and this is your opportunity to let us know how you want your press release to be completed.

Step 3: Press release revision

After you send make the rough draft of your press release with customer comments, we will take all of this into account when putting together the final version. Our goal is to get you a draft that you will be happy with, and based on our ability to make you satisfied after the first revision we think we have a good understanding of how to do this.

Step 4: Press release distribution

Distributing your press release is what we do best—and this is where we get to make you happy and truly allow you to get your money’s worth. We distribute your press release to 35 different sites, and this is the dedication to press release perfection that you need in a PR service. Our distribution is incomparable when you look at other services, and with our sources on the web you can’t do any better!

Step 5: Check distribution report and find your PR in Google News

We make sure that you have all the information you need when you are done with our press release service. We send you a full report with links to every site we used to distribute your press release. Along with giving you 35 great distribution sites, we submit your press release to Google News if this was included in the order that you placed. Our Google news service can take your press release to the next level, and we know we have the distribution services to make you happy.

Check how we work for you – take the first step to your success!