How We Work

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

If you are ready to get started with our unique online press release service you will be happy to find out just how easy we make it to get started. If you want to see for yourself just how easy it to utilize our professional online PR services, just follow these simple steps to get started.

Step One: Send In Your Request for a Press Release Online

If you want to get started with our online press release service, step one is as simple as contacting us through out website.

  •   Fill out a simple online press release order (it takes just a few minutes!)
  •   Let us know what you are looking for in your press release, and when you need them sent out.
  •   We will get to work on matching you with a writer who will fit your needs.

Step Two: Make Your Payment Arrangements

  •   Make arrangements for your payment and we will securely process the order for you.
  •   You can rest easy and feel confident knowing that your charges can be refunded if you want them to be.
  •   Order confidently knowing that we put your privacy as a priority and that we will never share your information.

Step Three: Processing Your Press Release Order Online

Once you have submitted your request for our online press release services, we will get to work in processing your order. Our writers will:

  •   Take a look at your request for a press release and your detailed instructions
  •   Start working on your press release based on your needs
  •   Create a quality draft for you for your approval.

Step Four: Online Press Release Draft Approval

Once your new draft has been created, ahead of your requested deadline, a draft proposal will be sent to your inbox so you have plenty of time to make changes as needed.

  •   Your draft will arrive in plenty of time to meet your deadline
  •   You can make as many change requests as you need to get your draft looking the way you want it to.

Step Five: Order Completion

After you have made your change requests on your draft you will have your final draft delivered to you and everything is to your liking all you have left to do is to enjoy your finished press release!