How The Best PR Writing Services Work

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Press Release writing is a way for many to get free advertising for their business, products or service. But many businesses fail to use good PR writing services and lose out on being published and being read by their targeted audience.

What does a good PR writing service have to do?

A press release is not like buying an advert in a publication or paying to have your banner appear on a website. It works on the premise that the publication is looking for a newsworthy story to inform or entertain their audience and will use your pre-prepared press release as that story. Good PR writing services know how to take your news and turn it into a story that will be published, read and acted upon.

How do good PR writing services get your release published?

Getting published is very much like getting your PR read. The editor whether it is a magazine, newspaper or an online publication is looking for something that will interest their readers. They are also looking for something that is in the right format so that they don’t have to do lots of work to use it. So if your PR writing services fail to deliver in the right format or don’t deliver a release that is of interest then you will not get published, it is as simple as that.

What makes a good PR?

Your PR writing services need to be able to produce quality work if you want to get published and read. It has to produced within a standard journalistic format that makes for easy formatting and publication. It must also be of interest; this means that your press release must be about something that is newsworthy. It must also be written in a way to hook in the reader and to keep their attention. A good PR has a title or headline that catches the attention of the reader, would you read an article with a boring title? But also the title needs to be realistic and not too strange! The press release must also provide the reader with what the title promises in the first few lines. If your opening paragraph talks about something other than what was in the title you will probably find that the reader will skip to the next article as you have not delivered on what your title promised. Most importantly for you as a business your PR writing services have to provide a compelling call to action. There is little point in having a PR if it does not generate additional sales and interest in your company.

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