How to Add Links to the Press Release

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

These are tech – savvy times. The customer, and for that matter the consumer too, is no longer the gullible creature that he used to be – all drooling over the latest offering you have and willing to accept whatever you dish out. Today he is smart, intelligent and knowledgeable and knows the basics even if the complexities challenge him. He comes well equipped with information and surveys and clear requirements of his own.  And no self respecting press release writer ignores this fact.

And one of the best ways to quench this thirst for knowledge is to satiate it – with links. The internet is a storehouse of information waiting to be explored and exploited. So its up to you how you modify and present that in order to lure more and more people towards you. Do it with links. Give them where ever they might want it. Know that you know the thing inside out, they don’t. Include the links in the press release keeping a layman’s horizon of knowledge in mind.

Use proper keywords while inserting the links in the press release

Students from very early in school are taught the importance of keywords. They are told that every answer requires those few words that contain the essence. There is no point writing volumes without them. The same holds true for press release. Recognize the words that carry the maximum weightage. And see how you can use them as keywords. Not only would it optimize the search, but will also put your post in the good light that it treats readers as humans and not encyclopedias.

Consult with a professional press release writer

Even though it is an added cost, it is best to hire one. They understand the reader’s mindset and also their requirements and nuances. They would be best suited where to include links and where not. While it is best to provide the necessary information, peppering the press release with them would make the article tougher and more irritating to read. Also, what links might be useful in other sites might not bode well for you. Like, it is not always that a link to the home page is needed.

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