How to Craft a Great Technology Press Release

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Let us assume that perhaps you are a tech start up with an amazing new mobile application. You want the whole world know about it and get excited. This is going require to order press release and it has to be a good one. You have to be able to promote your amazing technology without boring people half to death. It requires writing a killer press release.

A Technology Press Release Needs To Grab Attention

There is a temptation to fill the press release with a lot of technical jargon. Do not do that because most readers will have little idea what you’re talking about. Instead, go for the cool from the very first paragraph. Let the reader know what a great innovation you have that is to make life a lot easier, or an experience that much nicer. It means concentrating on what is in it for the reader. That not only gets attention, but can build the excitement you want.

Promote a Call to Action

The trouble with some tech press releases is they only share information. They can be rather dry and that is not good. You want the reader to be so excited that they want to own that technology you have created. A strong call to action is going to get folks off their seat and down to the store or to click on your website. This can happen if you generate the right type of enthusiasm. Please understand that is not always easy to do. A professional press release writer can cover all the bases. We employ those kind of people.

We Give the Very Best

Writing a great technology press release comes with experience. We have professionals who have worked on tech press releases in the past. They know how to craft something that only provides information, it generates a lot of excitement. We don’t stop there, either. We can see to it that your press release goes to all the right media outlets. We also have a database of journalists who will take a serious look at your information. Social media is extremely important, and the search engines must be alerted. Rest assured, we will do SEO optimization editing to get your press release at the top of the first page of any search.

You have something you want to share with the world and we want to help you. We can assist in getting the word out that promote your brand and your product as well. We include a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy with what we do for you. We’re pretty confident that what we provide is everything you need to showcase the technology you have created.

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