How To Create a Perfect Restaurant Press Release

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Press releases can be a highly effective way to drive new customers to your business. They are essentially free advertising; you only have to pay for the writing and sometimes the distribution of your press release. However unless a restaurant press release is done correctly it will not even get published.

Secrets of writing a top restaurant press release

A press release is about a newsworthy event and as such should be of some interest to people. Unless you can stimulate their interest with your release then you will fail to get any readers and then fail to get anyone to take any action, you are also unlikely to get an editor to publish your restaurant press release. Therefore you have to concentrate on your title and your opening paragraph if you want to get the person reading to be interested enough to read and to continue reading. Your title like any story you see in a newspaper or magazine has to either compel the person seeing it to read the article or must make them curious enough to read. While using “clever” and unusual titles may get people to start to read your initial paragraph has to deliver on that title. The title will hook the reader while your opening paragraph reels them into the rest of your restaurant press release and towards your call to action.

What could you write a press release for a restaurant about?

Your restaurant press release needs to be something that will be of interest to both the publication publishing it and their readers. There is no point writing a press release for every small and insignificant event that happens as it will not be seen as news worthy enough. The following are some suggestions around which you could write a press release for a restaurant:

– Grand opening
– Employment of a new chef
– Winning an award or being included within a guide
– Offering of discounts or other special offers
– Creation of a new menu or dish
– Charitable donation by staff and / or customers
– Extra special entertainment

Include a call to action

No matter how well written your restaurant press release is, if it does not contain a call to action then it will do nothing for your business. Don’t forget to ensure that you include a clear invitation to the reader to come to your restaurant.

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