How To Create A Successful eBook Press Release

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Basics of an ebook press release

An ebook press release in format and content is similar to a press release for a book in print. You may consider targeting distribution of your ebook press release a little differently by including blogs and websites that cater to those with ebook readers. Your press release should be in standard press release format. There are numerous places on the internet to get a free template to guide you in structuring your social media press release or any other one if you aren’t already familiar with the format. It is important, as journalists and editors are familiar with it and it makes it easy for them to quickly scan. Anything that makes their job more difficult could be your ticket to recycle bin. Press releases should be written in the third person, much as a newspaper story is written.

Creating interest with your ebook press release

The purpose of the press release is to promote your book. If you are an unknown author chances are that the release of your book isn’t going to be front page news. However a well written press release can generate interest and entice people to give it a try. You must first get people to give your press release a try which you will do beginning with your press release headline. Ideally your headline will grab the reader’s attention while clearly indicating the topic you are covering. In your first paragraph include all the important information (who, what, when, where and why) in two or three concise sentences. The next couple of paragraphs will flesh out the information you gave in the first paragraph. Remember you are reporting. Avoid using superlatives and hyping your book. Stick to the facts and keep it brief. Avoid the use of clichés. At the end give details of your books release date again. Include title, publisher information, publication date, price and where it can be purchased.

Checklist for ebook press release

When preparing your press release you can use the following checklist as a basic guide to help you through the process

  • Use the standard press release format.
  • Make your headline catchy and informative
  • Include all important information in the first paragraph.
  • Report about the book. Don’t hype it or use sales speak
  • Avoid clichés
  • Keep it brief. One page or less
  • Include information about where to get the book
  • Proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes

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