How to Gain More Visitors with a Grand Opening Press Release

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Now that you have fully-launched your business, you should think of acquiring more guests for the grand opening. You surely do not want your effort to come to waste with all the preparation you did for this one big event. If you want to ensure that your grand opening press release will gain attention, check out these tips to get you started.

Power Tips From Press Release Writing Service

  1. If it is your first time to write one, you should know the right style and format. You can check out various online sources to help you with the tone and style of a press release.
  2. You should avoid selling or putting hype in your press release. This is not the time for it. Your main goal is to actually get the attention of the press. You should use the right structure as well as the right kind of language to impress and not to turn them off.
  3. You can send your press release writing output through email. However, you should avoid using colorful fonts and backgrounds; they distract the reader. Instead of gaining their attention, they can lose focus on the content of your write-up.
  4. If you send the press release through email, do not attach it. You can paste it as the body of your email. However, you can also save a version in doc.
  5. Do not forget to include your company name in the title of your release. You can use it in any subheading as well. You should also use it in the first paragraph for visible search engine results.
  6. Your press release writing services says that you should write the release based from your target audience. In fact, you should also use their style if applicable. You should send the press release to the specific reporter who actually can cover your beat.
  7. Do not forget to use the headline of your release in the email subject. You should create an interesting headline.
  8. As tip, do not spend time thinking of the headline unless you are finish with the press release. You should think of writing a good headline for your release. Something that will not of course bore your reader.
  9. Keep your release factual and concise. Length does not matter here and so is quantity of words. The more concise the better.
  10. Proofread and edit.

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