How to Make a Perfect New Employee Press Release

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

A well written press release is still the best way for you to gain media attention without the need to spend so much. If your company hired a new executive or senior employee that can be of strategic significance to your company, it is advisable to write a good new employee press release. Here are several tips on how to write an impressive new employee press release that will surely be picked by media representatives:

  1. Write “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” on the top of your press release. It is important that your event press release provides all the necessary information in case journalists want to contact you for more details.
  2. The headline of your press release for event is one of the most vital parts; this should be interesting as to attract the attention of your readers.
  3. In your new employee press release, you should effectively describe the qualifications and reasons on why they are the right people for the job. Include work experience, role, training and other important credentials.
  4. In order for your event press release to be successful, this should be able to answer the questions: Who, What, Where, When and Why.
  5. You can also include quotes from CEO, president or VP of your company; this helps to establish the credibility of the newly appointed employee. This should be able to assure your clients that the move will strengthen and improve the company’s performance.
  6. Include also a quote from a customer that states they are happy to learn about the newly appointed employee.
  7. Your new employee press release should be able to list the benefits of the company, the role and provide information about the new employee.
  8. Finish your new employee press release with standard description of your company.
  9. Lastly, your press release for event should be carefully proofread and edited in order to eliminate any errors that could compromise the quality of your press release.

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