How to Make Science Press Releases Popular

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“Dr. John Wayne Introduced His First Human Clone”, “New Apple iPhone 5 to be Released This Month”, or “Anti-Cancer Vaccine Founded by Researchers in John Hopkins’s University”, are the most common headlines of scientific press releases. Given the sample headlines above, is it enough to get the attention of the public if they are just published in several scientific journals? Science press releases should be popular if it aims to inform the public of new developments in the field.

The field of science is one of the most complex fields of study and more often than not, researchers and practitioners in the field release several information and breakthroughs. In order to inform the public of new information, they provide science press releases. Press release writers can deal with scientific press releases the same way as a regular press release. However, a science press release is more technical than regular press release writing. Science press releases are important because their distribution will help the public know about current scientific progress. It is used by scientific institutions, individual scientists, and other researchers.

Press release writing services often come up with different press releases. After the writing phase, a press release writing service needs to make the press releases popular.  Scientific press releases had already been a practice but its popularity is low. This is due to the existence of individual journals per scientific field. Therefore, to make science press releases popular, it is best to submit your press release writing to editors of different magazines, blog writers, and newspapers.

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Although scientific research materials and information are confined to science journals, a press release distribution service can help a press release writer distribute their press release to different editors—not only science journals. If the goal of your science press release is to inform the public, you can make it popular to the general public by using layman’s term. If it cannot be written that way, press releases should be written in a way that the general public can understand. Also, add images or pictures to give the general public an idea about your announcement. Since scientific articles and announcements are highly technical, also add the graphs, equations, and other relevant information needed by the public to know your announcement.

Instead of writing “John Hopkins University Students Debunked the Myth for the Existence of Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”, why not write “Students of John Hopkins’ University disproved the myths about lung diseases”. By writing this way, a press release writing service can increase the popularity of scientific press releases.

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