How To Make Your Press Release International

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Similar elements of a press release international or at home

Make Your Press Release InternationalNow more than ever you have to consider how the press release you write will be received internationally. With the internet, people are no longer dependent on others to get their press releases viewed on an international stage. For the most part elements of the press release are the same the world over. Regardless of where you are the press release should:

  • Be newsworthy – Before writing the press release ask yourself if the topic you are writing on is worthy of being reported on.
  • Contain the essential information – Journalists and editors the world over want to see the same thing in press releases. That is the who, what when, where, why, and how of the story.
  • Be written in the third person
  • Use a clear and concise style of writing

These are the elements that the press release should contain no matter where you are.

Changes to make your press release international

To make your press release international there may be some changes that you have to make, in writing and in distribution. Some possible changes in international press releases include:

  • Check for relevance of the press release in other countries. Readers in foreign countries want to know how a press release from another country affects them. As with any reader of a press release they want to know why they should care.
  • Format – Most countries use a similar format for press releases but there are slight variations. It is advisable to learn the exact format of any country you may be submitting a press release in. Editors are notoriously picky when it comes to press release format.
  • Date and time to send press releases – In most countries it is agreed that the worst day to submit press releases is Friday, and middle of the week is best. However the best time varies from country to country.

If you are unsure how to make your press release international, our press release guide can help you.

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