How to Promote Corporate Press Releases

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Corporations exist for profit although we admit it or not. That is why they need publicity. Why would a corporation pay a large amount of money for advertisement if that is not the case? In addition to the advertisements they use, they also employ press release writers to write corporate press releases. Press release writing services often write for companies and businesses if they have something to announce. Also, press release writing has become a common tool for corporate advertisement now that the internet becomes a major player in media. Corporations and businesses have proper publicity since they employ a press release distribution service.

As a press release writer working on your own or for a press release writing service, the main goal in writing a corporate press release is to promote it. Corporate press releases are written for announcement of things like social responsibility, renewing of company image, marketing strategies, Initial Public Offering (IPO), and new products or services. Companies also use corporate press releases for company events and programs. The main problem of a press release writer or press release distribution service or even the company is how to promote corporate releases.

Professional Promotion of Corporate Press Releases

Corporate press release cost lower than advertisements that is why companies still use this type of service. Although companies use press releases, they don’t do it often. You can promote your corporate press release if you have a newsworthy event such as company anniversary, mergers and acquisitions, expansions, conferences and events, job hiring, and grand openings. These things need a lot of press coverage and the press coverage can begin with press releases. The question is how to promote these events.

  1. Write the best corporate press release you can for your event. This should follow proper format since most publishers do not give time for poorly written press releases. Spell check and proofread. Be sure to submit a newsworthy article.
  2. Determine the editors who may be interested in your press release. You can do this by checking your local newspapers, major newspapers, magazines, and online directories.
  3. Submit your press releases to different media persons such as editors, journalists, bloggers, and news enthusiasts. They want news so give them what you have. Just remember to follow proper submission guidelines.
  4. Avail of all types of media if you have the means to, especially if you are a big company. Try to promote your press release by contacting bloggers too, not just editors.
  5. In order to promote your press release, you must be able to determine proper timing in release. Take note of the urgency or importance of your press release. If it is an event, you should promote it not too early and not too late.
  6. Make sure that the people you send your press releases to can really help you and publish your work.

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