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How to sign up to Video Testimonial? What are the key fields?

You sign up by providing as much info as you wish. The most important things are your promo video and your rates. If your video meets our criteria, you will be accepted. We make your profile public, and we start waiting for the customer who chooses you.

Do you have any fees or commissions?

We do not charge you anything ever. We put our margin on top of your rate. For instance, if you say you do 30 seconds video for $10, we can be selling your service for $14 or $18, depends on our costs associated with marketing your profile. We will be taking good margin but that’s because we will be also promoting your services on our site. What we guarantee is that you get paid what you tell us to be paid.

Is there any type of contract that I would need to sign?

No,  not really. There is no obligation from your side when you sign up. Only after you accept the order, you commit of not using the video you produce anywhere ever, just because the video produced for our client belongs to the client, and not you or us.

What payment methods do you offer?

Video Testimonial offers you a great variety of payment methods! We pay out with VISA card direct deposit, or AlertPay, or MoneyBookers, or any other method we agree on with you.