How to Write a Boilerplate of a Press Release

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Press release writing is not only about the article itself. Like any other writing, it has several contents such as a boilerplate. Once you hear the word “press release boilerplate”, everything seems complicated but it is not. Generally, a boilerplate is the standard description of your company which is less likely to change over time. The boilerplate part of a press release is the portion where press release writers tell you about their company. A boilerplate of a press release describes the company and is targeted towards those who have no prior knowledge of the company. Even though it is a small portion of your press release, it is a very important part of your press release. The question you might as is how to write a boilerplate of a press release.

What You Need to Know about Press Release Boilerplate

A press release boilerplate contains of several things: company headquarters, foundation date, company profile (public or private), primary product or service you offer, your target market or audience, company values, company recognition or awards (example: most eco-friendly company of 2012), company locations (domestic, international, or local), and your web link. Be sure to include all of these since they are all important.

Press release writing services often write boilerplates for companies which they update once in a while. However, you can write a boilerplate even without employing a press release writing service because anyone can be a press release writer. Press release writers especially those working for a press release distribution service say that a good press release boilerplate is a clear, concise, and straightforward statement about your company. The rationale behind this is too much information might confuse the reader. Hence, the first tip in writing boilerplate for your press release is word limit. You can do this by eliminating unnecessary words and inclusion of relevant information only. For example, instead of writing “the company was founded on 1851 by Charles Kavanaugh”, you may write “Charles Kavanaugh founded the company on 1851”. There is no difference at one glance but you already cut it down by two words.

The optimal length of a good boilerplate should not exceed one paragraph. If you cannot include all the information you want to add, do not worry because there is a remedy. You may add a website link that people can visit. In that way, they can know more about your company.

Here’s a Sample for You to Consider:

“Since 1851, Kavanaugh Corporation has been committed to tailoring the best customized corporate attires in the world. Today, with stores around the globe, the company maintains its reputation as the leading corporate attire manufacturer and is continually striving to bring the Kavanaugh experience to a higher level to its customers. For your convenience, you may visit our online stores and we’ll have your apparel delivered to you.

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