How to Write a Book Launch Press Release

Book Launch Press ReleaseNot all writers are as successful as J.K. Rowling or James Patterson and other notable writers. Either their works are not appealing to readers or they just lack publicity and press coverage. This is the reason why a book launch press release is relevant. For people who do not know that a new book exists, a press release can inform them about it. If they are informed, you can launch the book to a greater number of audiences. After the book launch, you may write a press release for the book release. For more publicity, you may choose to write a book signing press release.

Book Launch Press Release: Key Points You Should Know

A book launch press release is a special type of a press release. Many press release writing services write press releases for book launch. You must also remember that you can send a press release without employing a press release distribution service. However, they have more contacts and employing them would result to greater press coverage but sometimes you need to pay fees. If you will not employ press release writers to write a press release writing for a book release, these are things you need to know.

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PR Promotion of Your Book
  • attract new readers
  • make a cover familiar
  • play up content uniqueness
  • make a reminder for old fans
  • promote special discounts

Like a general press release, a book launch press release has the same contents. It begins with a “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” or “RELEASE ON [INSERT DATE]”. You begin by providing the book title, author, publisher, and contact information. It has a headline which somehow goes like this: “Louis Menand’s 30th anniversary book now available in paperback”. Also, you need to answer the 5 basic questions after the headline to give a general overview of what the press release is about. As a press release writer, you must also provide information about your book such as what the book is about and why is your book unique in the body of the press release. Write your first paragraph in a way that it grabs the audience’s attention. Give the readers some reasons to read your book; otherwise, they won’t buy it. The whole press release should fit into one page so make a clear and concise document.

Targeted New Book Press Release

It is necessary to include who is your target audience. Here’s an important thing to consider: instead of writing a boilerplate, add a section about your book which is a summary of the book and a website they can check for additional information. Lastly, you should include contact information in case there are clarifications regarding your book launch press release.

After knowing what to write for your book launch press release, write it and send it a month before the actual release date. It is better to send the media a copy of the book—they will love it and most likely to make a review. If you can, you may offer a contest if you want to give away some copies of the book. This is a win-win situation for you and the media because they can get audience for their publications and at the same time, you get promotion.

“Thanks to your press release my new novel became popular in few days. I got first reviews already in a week. Thanks for introducing my book to the world.”

Kelly, Young Author

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