How to Write a Good German Press Release

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Press releases can provide your company the necessary publicity it requires to reach a large audience without the need to spend too much. A successful press release contains actual news that is relevant to all your readers. Press release could be an advertisement of a new product, services, events or current news like merging with a well known company. Writing a press release in a foreign language can be difficult especially that you have to ensure that all part of your press release is grammatically accurate and specific. Here are simple ways to help you write a good German press release:

  1. Effective press releases must contain important information about your company. This should be able to answer initial questions of your readers and support it with strong supplementary details.
  2. Remember that press releases are not only limited to magazines, TV, radio and newspapers but also to your online community. You can make use of search engine optimization to generate more views of your German press release.
  3. Always provide a brief and concise headline. By using attention grabber words, readers are more attracted to reading your press releases. Do not forget to include your company’s contact information and logo.
  4. Since you are writing a German press release, make sure that your word usage is appropriate and proper. Do not rely on translation programs as these are inaccurate and at times, grammatically incorrect. Remember that a single error in your press release could send a wrong message to your readers.
  5. Your press release will be submitted to various media outlets hence the necessity of guaranteeing its quality and efficiency. There are many press release writing companies that can provide you professional help in writing your German press release. A writing company is a smart investment to secure proper German press release to give your company the publicity it requires.

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