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Why You Need Our Help to Write a Press Release

Many businesses write a few press releases, find that they don’t get published anywhere or that they don’t delivery any additional benefits to the company and give up saying that press releases are no good. But the truth is that a well written professional press release can be far more effective than many other far more expensive methods of advertising. The reason that many people fail with press releases is that they fail to consider that people and publishers will only be interested in something that can grab their attention and make them want to read.

A press release is very similar to a news paper article, you are only going to read it if the headline makes you want to, and you will only continue to read if the first few lines deliver on that headline and keep your engaged. This is why you need an expert to write a press release for you.

How We Can Help with Writing a Good Press Release

It is no good trying to write a press release which is not real news, but then just about anything that changes within your company can be construed as being news from a new employee to a whole new range of services or a new store opening. The important thing is being able to write your news in a way that will engage the readers. Our highly expert writers have a huge amount of experience in writing published press releases. They know precisely how to go about writing press releases in a way that will maximize the chances of them being published and your message getting to the people that need to read it.

They will work with you through our service to understand what you want to say and will use their skills to produce a concise and highly readable press release. Writing a good press release requires skill and experience, both of which our writers have ample amounts of.

How We Distribute Your Press Release

Having one of our talented journalists write a press release is only part of what we can do for you; we also offer services to distribute your press releases both online and offline to thousands of potential publishers looking for content.

With everything from news websites to social media your press release will be in a position to be read by thousands across the internet. We know how to use keywords and how to use categories to ensure that your press release turns up for the relevant sites within which you need to be published ensuring that the readers will be as targeted as possible.

I am sure you have done a good press release service comparison and will have found that our services tick all of the boxes; get in touch today and we will help write a press release and get it published for you.