How to Write a Proper Embargoed Press Release

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Embargoed press release is information sent to the media but they are not published until a later time or date. Most embargoed PR is important because it is accompanied by bounding agreement. It is also needed to bear in mind key points.

Creating Embargoed Press Release

  • Even though you will send your press release in advance, it is needed that you have a well written output. Even though it is embargoed, you still need to follow the required format just like with regular PR’s. Instead of writing “for immediate release” you need to write “to be released” then specify the date.
  • The next things you will do are to have a good headline. After this, you can start writing your body. Your headline and your first paragraph is the heart of your PR. It is the first thing journalist wants to read to know if they want to continue reading your work or not.
  • After you are done with your embargo PR, you need to provide your contact information.
  • Take note that the majority of the embargoed PR is sent via snail mail, email or fax. Through this process, you’re restricted to national or local news media. If you want international exposure, you should use online press release.

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