How To Write an Ebook Press Release

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Once you have written an ebook you need to get the word out to everybody that might be interested in the book that it is written and that it is available for purchase. The simplest and by far the cheapest way of doing this is by writing an ebook press release.

What are ebook press releases?

Just like any other press release, your ebook press release is an announcement to the world or even just a selected few that something newsworthy has happened; namely the publication of your ebook. Press releases are used to generate free or very cheap publicity as many publications and websites will look for relevant releases to fill space and inform their readers as to what is going on. So more often than not your ebook press release will be published by them free of charge as long as you meet their standards and manage to make your release interesting enough.

Writing ebook press releases

Writing an ebook press release is not that simple, you have to follow a journalistic format so that your release is styled correctly. Most submission services will provide you with the format that is required. You also have to write your press release in a way that will literally hook the reader in. your opening lines like the bait on a fishing hook have to be able to entice the reader and make them want more. Like any other piece of journalism it has to be able to generate interest or the reader will just hop straight onto the next article. It also needs to be short and sweet; no one is going to want to read a full history of how and why the book was written and a full summary of the contents. They want something that is going to tell them what the book is about, why it so good, why they need to buy it and of course how they can buy it.

Creating a call to action for your ebook press release

Without a call to action you may as well not write your press release. You have to tell the reader exactly how they can go about getting a copy of your ebook as well as any special offers that may be being offered to entice the reader further.

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