How To Write Press Release Subheading Correctly

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Making good use of the press release subheading

Write Press Release SubheadingThe press release subheading is often overlooked by those writing their press release. It is an additional chance to hook the reader and should complement the title. Some other reasons for including a subheading include:

  • The subheading is another place where you can place keywords to improve the search engine rankings of your press release.
  • Readers can get a better understanding of how well you understand the topic you are writing from the subheading.
  • When your title is too long you can shorten the title and include the rest of the title in the subheading.

A subheading isn’t required in a press release. When it is included, it is important that the proper format be used and that it be located correctly. Journalists, editors and others whom press releases are sent to, may receive hundreds in a day. They know instantly where the important information is located when a press release is properly formatted. Quite often, press release titles that don’t follow the required format are tossed aside and never get read.

How to write a press release subheading

The subheading isn’t one of the required parts of press release documents. It can be thought of as an add-on to the title. The following are some guidelines for writing the press release subheading:

  • Write a subheading that is descriptive and builds on the headline. It should further elaborate on what was initially stated in the headline and be interesting so as to further hook the reader.
  • Locate the subheading just beneath the headline.
  • The subheading should further clarify what the topic being covered is about.
  • Subheadings around 20 words in length are best although they may be a little longer if necessary
  • Capitalize the first word of the subheading. Do not capitalize every letter.
  • Include some of your top keywords in the subheading but make sure they don’t affect readability.

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