How We Write a Book Press Release

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Regardless of whether you’ve just finished writing your book, you’ve received an award, or you’re transforming your book into digital format, these are all good reasons to start building a press release. A press release is a good way to give additional exposure to your book because you will be tapping into the media who can cover or write a story about your work. The question now is how to write a press release for a book?

How to Write a Press Release for a Book

  • What’s the content? Just like when writing a press release for an event, you should start with the date and where the press release originated. Follow this up with a headline.
  • Headline. This is a compact version of what your press release is all about. This is typically written in bold to better capture the attention of the reader.
  • First paragraph. This is usually the summary of the press release and runs not more than three to four sentences.
  • The lead. This is the first sentence and should be compelling enough for the reader to want to know more about your press release.
  • The body. Here you get to expand more on the topic of your press release. It should be straight to the point. Avoid using technical words, jargons, and other fancy language.
  • Last paragraph. You can insert the boilerplate for your book here. The boilerplate should contain information about your publishing company and your website where people can learn more about your work.

Write the Best Book Press Releases

To write the best book press release, you need to know what you are writing about. Having a template can be a good way to map out the information you have so that your readers will get the most out of it. Of course, when writing a press release, you need to keep it short and straight to the point. Don’t forget to make your headline eye-catching because the media tend to scan press releases first. If you miss getting their attention, it means that your press release isn’t effective.

Make Your Press Release Count

Learning how to write a press release for a book is important if you want others to know more about your work. The steps mentioned above can be used as your stepping stone as you write your press release.

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