How We Write a New Product Launch Press Release

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Our writers  follow a well defined process to produce the best new product launch press release possible.  When they work within our logical press release product launch process, the only possible result is a quality product.

Step #1: Client Interview

First, we need to talk to you about your product release press release.  This way we can get a handle on your product and relevant keywords to produce the best product launch PR possible.  The more we know about what you’re offering, the better we can help you!

Step #2: Write the Press Release Product Launch!

Next, our writers get to work on your press release new product launch!  This is our favorite part of the whole process, as the skeleton of the press release for product launch begins to take shape.

Step #3: Review First Draft

We’ll send a first draft of your new product launch press release to you for review.  That way you can make sure your new product launch press release is shaping up just how you like!  Give us your feedback and we’ll start on the next step . . .

Step #4: Revisions

Your product launch press release may need some revisions!  Not to worry, we’ll keep at it until your product launch PR is exactly how you want it.  We want to make sure we match your tone, style, and any other characteristics.

Step #5: Submission of your Product Launch Press Release

Once you’re happy with your product launch press release, we will publish it to over 45 different websites!  Isn’t it exciting to think of your press release new product launch reaching so many people?  We can’t wait to get your message out there onto the internet!

Step #6: Report

We’re certain you’ll be curious how your press release for product launch performed.  Our full report includes all of the links to your press release product launch.