Ideal Video Testimonial Length

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How to Choose the Ideal Length of Your Video Testimonial

Video testimonial length is one of the primary issues to consider, because if you will make it too long, customer might get bored and decide not to use your services or products. On the other hand, very short testimonial will not give a comprehensive knowledge of you and your company and that will also turn a potential customer away from using your services.

Efficient Video Testimonial from Professionals

There is no golden rule for video testimonial length as it greatly depends on the products or services you are offering. However, in general, it should not be more than 5-7 minutes in length. If you want to post a video testimonial on your web site and not screw up with it, then the best way for you is to get professionals to create such testimonial for you.

Most Suitable Video Testimonials for Your Business

We offer Video Testimonial creation assistance and if you will describe the nature of your business and what you would like to achieve by a particular testimonial, we will decide on the length and material to be included in it. If you will place an order with us, we will find the most suitable individual for a Video Testimonial, write a text for him or her and will do everything to provide you with an original, truthful and reliable testimonial to boost your sales.

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