Iphone App Press Release

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Using an iphone app press release to promote your app

Competition is pretty fierce in the world of apps these days. There are likely hundreds of new apps that come out every month if not more. A good many apps end up sitting online somewhere, with hardly anybody being aware that they exist. The apps developer could have benefited from a new app press release. A press release can draw attention to your app. The press release should be targeted towards publications in the field. Not only the field of apps in general but also any fields an app might touch on. For example there are apps related to exercise, to business and finance and to games to name just a few. An iphone video game press release targeting health publications would probably not be accepted, or gain the attention of the audience you want if it was. For good results the targeting of the right publications, blogs and such is important.

Iphone app press release format

Press releases are written in the third person, like a news story. There are free templates available that show the structure and lay out that is press release standard. The iphone app press release you write should contain the following basic elements:

  • Headline-Clearly state the topic and attention grabbing
  • Opening paragraph- Your first paragraph will contain every important point regarding your app. It should contain no more than 2 or 3 sentences.
  • Body-Several paragraphs that expand on the information from the first paragraph. Tell what your app does, what are its benefits, why people should use it. Avoid using too many superlatives and sales type talk. Just report in simple terms. Use bullet lists and sub-headings to make it easily scanned. A quote can be used. At the end of the body provide information on where and how people can get the app.
  • Final paragraph-A short company/developer bio
  • At the bottom of the press release include contact information

Getting your iphone app press release accepted

The best way to get your iphone app press release accepted for publication is to think about what it is the publication needs. They aren’t interested in promoting your app. Their interest is in providing interesting and informative content for their audience. Make your press release interesting and informative. Look at it from a writer’s perspective and try and include all information to cover the questions a journalist would ask. The less work they have to do on your press release the better. Be sure to proofread for mistakes. If you are having trouble writing your press release you can make use of our company’s press release writing services. We have skilled and experienced writers who can provide you with a polished press release for your app at an affordable price. Customer support is available 24/7 and ordering is easy with our online ordering process. We guarantee complete satisfaction when you use us for your press release needs.

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