Is It Polite to Ask My Clients for Video Testimonials?

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There Is Nothing Offensive in Asking for Video Testimonials

It is certain, that in order to get a Video Testimonial, you will have to ask your clients to give you a testimonial and, what is more important, they have to be pleased with the services or products you provide to give you positive feedback. Is it polite to ask clients for testimonials? Of course, it is. It is not something illegal or offending; it is not even asking a favor from them. Asking a grateful customer to provide some positive feedback about your services or products is another way of saying thank you, so you shouldn’t hesitate to ask clients to give you a Video Testimonial.

Two Options of Getting Video Testimonials

Timing is everything and, usually, asking for a Video Testimonial at the very end of the project works well. You have two basic options here. You can either ask your client straight up to give you a Video Testimonial or you can wait until the client chooses to praise you via phone call or an email or directly and that is when you can ask them about providing a Video Testimonial for you.

Benefits of Video Testimonials

There are people that don’t believe in testimonials, but with Video Testimonials it is different, because here you see an individual on a screen saying pleasant things about a certain company, web site, product or service and it is hard not to believe him or her. Of course, there are individuals who don’t rely on Video Testimonials, but you are not putting them up. Many people take into account clients testimonials, so ask your customers to help you and make your business grow.

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