Magazine Press Release

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How to write a magazine press release

To get your press release published in a magazine will first require a little research. You will need to know the type of audience a magazine is aimed at. Choose a magazine that your target market reads. Focus on creating a press release that suits the publication and audience. Check the style of writing that is used in the magazine so you can write with a similar approach and style.

Basic sections of a press release for magazine publication

Press releases are always written using the third voice as newspaper journalists do. Press releases have a general format and structure and it is no different when it’s for magazine publication. Get a new product press release sample for free online if you are unfamiliar with the physical layout of a press release and use it as a guide. The sections/elements of the magazine press release you write will be

  • Headline-Identify the topic clearly and should be catchy. No more than 8 words
  • Opening paragraph-All of the important information (who, what, when, where, and why) will be contained in this first paragraph and it should be 2 or 3 sentences only.
  • Body- The body expands on the information provided in the first paragraph. It is basically your story. Keep your sentences short and precise. No flowery language or filler. Avoid the use of clichés and superlatives
  • Final paragraph-A brief company bio
  • Contact information should be included at the bottom of the press release

Getting your magazine press release accepted

To write a press release magazine editors will publish you can follow a few basic principles that will improve the odds of acceptance. Keep them in mind while writing your magazine press release.

  • Write using the pyramid principal. This means your point at the top(title), widening detail on the way down ( first paragraph), and more detail at the base
  • Think like a writer/editor. Ask yourself all questions regarding your press release that a reporter would ask, and provide the answers in your press release. Your press release is meant to promote your company, a product or service. The magazine editor doesn’t care about helping you promote. They want content that their audience will be interested in. Write in a way that will be interesting and informative. If it fulfills magazine content requirements then your odds are good.
  • Choose an angle or unique point to focus on that makes the subject of your press release better or special

Consciously following the above principals will improve your magazine press release. If you have problems writing your anniversary press release make use of our companies press release writing services. Our writers are skilled and experienced in writing press releases of all types. Online ordering is fast and easy and we offer 24/7 customer support. Every press release is guaranteed to complete customer satisfaction. When you need press release help contact us for the best press release writing services.

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