Music Festival Press Release

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The music festival press release to promote your event

Organizing and promoting a music festival will likely include a music festival press release as part of your promotional efforts. If it doesn’t it should. The magazine press release is a great tool for getting information in the public eye and attracting interest and attention. To make the best use of your festival press release, target the right publications. The publications, blogs or other media you submit your press release to, should be those that cater to the audiences you want to attract. The local media in the area your event is being held should also be one of your targets.

Writing the music festival press release

Press releases are written in third person. There is a standard press release format that is generally accepted. It’s a good idea to stick to some product press release sample with accepted format as it makes the press release easier for editors and others to scan. You can get a template online to use as a guide at no cost. The press release festival information and elements will be structured as follows

  • Headline-Your headline should make it clear what the topic is. It should also be something that will grab readers attention
  • First paragraph-The opening paragraph should contain all the essential information of your story. This information should be relayed in 2 or 3 sentences
  • Body-The next few paragraphs will expand on the point in the first paragraph. Include information such as who will be performing, the reason for the festival if it’s in support of a charity or organization, and any other information about the music festival that is important, such as time, date and location
  • Final paragraph- Your final paragraph should be a call to action and contain information on how and where to participate. “For ticket information contact xxxxxxx” or “For further information call xxxxxx”
  • Contact information should be at the bottom of the press release in the event journalists want to follow up.

The press release should be no longer than 500 words.

Check list for music festival press release

The following is a short check list to go over to give some final tweaks to the press release before you submit it for publication.

  • Did you follow press release format
  • Does the headline clearly indicate the topic
  • Is all necessary information included(who, what, when, where, why)
  • Writing is clear and concise
  • Contact information is included

Proofread your press release for spelling and grammatical errors. If you are having difficulty writing your press release you can use our company’s press release writing services. Our service can provide you with a well written and polished press release written by professional writers, who are experienced in press release writing. Ordering online is easy and fast. Affordable prices and a complete customer satisfaction guarantee on every press release makes us the obvious choice to contact for your press release writing needs.

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