New Product Paunch Press Release Tips and Tricks

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

If you have a new product and want to get it noticed by potential buyers in either your industry or general consumers you need to get the news out. One of the most effective and often the cheapest ways is through a new product launch press release.

What is a product launch press release?

Unlike paying for a full or half page advertisement in relevant publications, a press release seeks to get your news worthy event (the release of your new product) publicized for free. This is done by providing publications and websites with a pre-written press release that they can then use if they feel that is will be of interest to their readership. This is often “free” advertising as the publications and websites will not be charging you as they are looking for news-worthy stories to fill their pages and boost their readership.

Is it easy to write a new product launch press release?

Many companies will tell you that it is not worth writing press releases as they don’t get published and don’t generate sales while other companies will positively swear by them. The reason being that writing a good product launch press release is not that easy; your story has to be interesting and able to engage the reader. If you are reading a newspaper online or even a regular paper or magazine you will find that you skip those stories whose titles do not catch your attention or those that don’t deliver on what the title promises in the first few lines. If you cannot get the attention of the reader than your press release will be unlikely to be published.

Tips to writing a new product launch press release

Your new product launch press release must be written in a journalistic format and has to capture the interest of the reader right from the title. If you don’t manage to hook the reader in right from the start then you will also not be able to get an editor interested enough to publish your work also.

You need to:

– Have an attention grabbing headline (But not too strange!)
– Deliver on your headline within the first paragraph
– Keep it to the point and short
– Write in a way that keeps the attention of the reader
– Provide a call to action

The alternative of course is to engage a skilled press release writer to write your new product launch press release for you.

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