News Release Service

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

With our news press release distribution service, you can make sure that you not only have a high quality news release written to promote your company but you can also make sure that your release gets in the right hands. Writing a professional press release is only half the battle. We will help make sure that your high quality release is being seen by the right people and that you can get the most attention from your release by distributing it to the right news outlets.

How News Release Servuce Can Help

No matter what you are looking for with your news release services we are here for you. In addition to distribution services we also offer professional writing if you need to have a news release created, or we can give you a news release template to use when creating your own release. With this news release format you can see what the top outlets expect from their releases and deliver us with a finished product you want distributed. We also offer top grade press release editing as well.

News Release Distribution Services

When you turn to our news distribution services, you can instantly get your press release in the hands of thousands of bloggers, newsrooms and journalists across the country. We have hundreds of thousands of contacts in our database and can make sure that your release is getting around to the people that should be seeing it. With our news release distribution services, we offer you different tiers of distribution such as.

  • Online Press Release Distribution: Here we will send your press release to online media outlets such as blogs, search engines and news sites.
  • TV/Radio Press Release Distribution: Use our news release service to get your press release to TV, broadcast, radio, talk shows, cable news programs, agents and more.
  • Print Press Release Distribution: Our news distribution service also sends press releases to print media editors of newspapers, trade journals, magazines and more.
  • Local, Regional and National News Distribution Service: We offer direct to editor news release services on both a city and local and a national level. Just let us know your idea targeted state or city and we will get to work.