Artist Press Kit

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Artists who are successful must have artist press kit available at all times to give out manually or to send out by mail. As its name implies, an artist media kit is a set of important documents that presents the background, experiences, achievements and other things about the artist. This author press kit or music artist press kit should be made available on the website of the artist so that interested persons can go through it when they want to know about you. Electronic press kits for musicians, for example, should be included in any program to brand and market the artist.

Uses of Artist Press Kit

Press kit for artist is of special interest to art reps, owners of galleries, online and print publications editors and any other prospect persons that might be thinking about buying from you. Press kits for artists usually sound like they are very challenging to do and the information hard to compile. But we are here to let you know that this is not true. We will assist you in verifying that most of the information is in your possession. All you need to do is allow us to assist you in compiling, formatting and packaging the information in the artist press kits correctly.

Prospects Know You From Your Artist Press Kit

There are some things that should be included in a rapper press kit or drummer press kit singer press kit as well as for any other artists. These include the well-written and updated biography that is adequately edited; the artist statement for helping interested party to have an understanding of why you are making your art; past awards and past exhibitions as well as shows that should be in a list from the most recent to the oldest; past publicity; current shows that are in motion when the artist press kit will be sent out. There is a list of other ‘must have for the press kit for artist.

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Check with us and we will help you to correctly compile and format your artist press kit. Our editors are equipped to make your press kits for artist the best that it can be.