Book Press Kit

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business


A lot of people find out the importance of a great book press kit after going through a painful no-sale experience. You may be wondering why there are some authors who generally receive press coverage and some never do. The ones who don’t might have tried press release, advertised on social networks and did everything else possible to get noticed but still not getting the expected results. This might be because important persons visiting your page did not see the convincing information you have to offer all in one place. Without an author media kit that is effective, you might lose opportunities every day.

Get Opportunities From Your Book Press Kit

After you have learnt what you should be doing or could have done another way, it is time to organize your important book press kit. Get yourself ready for linking promotional efforts with great results such as a slot on a talk show, interview on the radio or an envied spot in the newspaper. The world today is focused on print and the persons you want to show interest in your book will be duly informed about what you have to offer in a well put together book media kit. This will give them relevant information that they will need for their endeavors in journalism.

Engage the Media With a Great Book Press Kit

The author bio that should be included in your print media kit should have certain critical features. First of all, it should be engaging. Leave out irrelevant information and ensure that important details are included. You shouldn’t mention your pet for instance, unless that pet is responsible in some way for you writing a novel etc. Be yourself and ensure that your unique personality is evident in the bio. Do not try to show that you are humorous when you know you are not. People should be able to form connections with a real human being. Make sure that anything that can give you the edge is included in your book press kit.

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