Film Press Kit

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Film press kit can be described as a promotion on paper. After a film has been completed it is now time to make the movie press kit available to relevant people such as sales agents, distributers and programmers of film festivals. This is to provide them with a kind of resume that tells what your film is about and highlight and boast about what it entails. Just as how the actor cannot go without his resume and a headshot, films also require film press kits.

Making An Impressive Film Press Kit

Movie press kits, like any other entertainment press kit are required to adequately pass on the information regarding your film to significant people. They will use this information to get a clear understanding of how marketable your film is and determine if it would work well in a particular festival, network or distributor. Anywhere you are thinking about having your film shown show be impressed with what they see in your film press kit. What should be included in the movie press kit will be determined by who you think needs to notice your film. You could organize your short film press kit to seek financing for it in the early stages or when you have completed the film and pitching your product to relevant film distributors.

Well-Organized Film Press Kit

The video press kit as well as film festival press kit and actor press kit should all have a certain amount of information included in them about what the product is about and done in an organized manner. It is should be effectively edited and as brief and clear as is possible. It is always best to have an electronic entertainment press kit as well as a physical one. The physical film press kit can be mailed to a particular festival or handed to persons such as sales agents and distributors. More recently, most people are using the electronic version of their press kits.

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