Media Kit Cover Letter

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

An effective media kit cover letter is an important component of your press kit. The cover letter essentially tells recipients what they would find interesting in the press kit. That is, it sets the stage to introduce all that is in your kit.  If there is no media kit cover included, the recipients might not have a clue as to the reason they are getting the material that you send to them. What’s more, they might not think about looking further at the rest of what you are offering that is found buried in the packet. A lot of companies do not think much about the media kit cover letter and spend little time and thought when organizing it.

Make Your Media Kit Cover Letter Concise

It is never recommended to use form letter content when you are putting together a press kit. Instead, it should be unique and specific to what you are promoting. A cover letter in your press kit serves an extremely important purpose as if it is not well-written it is highly likely that the contact in the media will not get past the rest of what is in your content. Bear in mind that the press kit cover letter should be brief. Your message might not be effectively received if the media kit cover is more than a page long.

What Should Be in Your Media Kit Cover Letter

There are some things that should be included in the media kit cover letter and we will briefly describe them. When putting together a press kit, each recipient’s cover letter must be personalized. The primary message of your press kit should be quickly and concisely stated in the cover letter. The content of the letter should give adequate details to spark interest in the recipient and not overwhelm him or her. Clearly stated contact information is a must for the cover letter. The recipient should know what you would like from him or her.


We can design a media kit cover letter to give your recipients a compact overview of what your company message is. Our press kit cover letter will give you expected outcomes.