Online Press Kit

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Why An Online Press Kit

You might have just finished working a something new such as a series of CDs, a record, a blog or a book. Therefore, there might be a time lapse until it is make accessible to buyers on the market. There is no other time like this to get things in gear for an impending launch. Your online press kit should be created during this time. This is basically a website page or a blog that you certain persons to visit such as event planners, producers in the media, product viewers, and of course, great fans. On this page, relevant tools are available to them for ease of assisting you in getting the message out to the wider public. Success is not likely without a website media kit.

Few Things to be Included In Your Online Press Kit

The online media kit cannot be effective without the headline. This should serve to clearly state what the page is about. The navigation section gives interested persons a contents table which is basically a quick method for the navigation of visitors to the page that they believe is more relevant to them. Contact information for various enquiries and social media links is a must. It is important that the information on the product can be found in a single place to prevent readers from having to search for what they are looking for. Other relevant parts of online press kits include sales copy, product formats and specs, ancillary products, photos and trailers of the products, head shots, full bio, product information and endorsements.

Basic Use of Online Press Kit

The press kit online should effectively allow relevant persons to know you as a person, what you hope to achieve, who are fans of what you do, what is contained in what you publish, testimonials, as well as advertising opportunities. The media kit online is your greatest friend.

Let us show you how to use a greatly designed online press kit to provide potential partners as well as fans with what they need to make you noticeable to the public. There is no other way to do this but to construct a specially-made website media kit.

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