Press Release Kit

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Whatever the size of your business or company, your press release kit (or PR kit) is very essential. These kits are important for making an announcement of a significant event as well as to provide interested persons with background information regarding what the business is about. It is recommended that you follow the important steps to ensure that the PR media kit will serve to give your event or business an edge over others in the same field that is also vying for attention.

Making the Best Use of Your Press Release Kit

The public relations media kit should be well-written and preferably use one page (not two). It should explain itself so that there is adequate information for media members to write stories. It is important that it is checked over and over by different people to make sure the grammar and spelling is correct. A separate presentation kit should be given to each special guest, keynote speaker and the media personnel with an explanation of what is in it. When an event is finished, you should ensure that you are available for responding to comments and questions that they might have regarding your PR press kit.

Organizing The Press Release Kit

Press release kits do not have to take a long time to assemble. The folders should have a glossy look and feel and in one color only. When the folders are opened, the primary press release must be immediately noticeable. PR kits that contain notepads and pens from the company should put them where your press release is. You can place your biological and background information with your CD inside the folder cover. In your press release kit, any business card that you have for keynote speakers as well as the media person should be neatly attached to your presentation folder. If pictures are necessary, these should be placed behind press release.

Don’t know how to make a press kit?  That’s easy!

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