Press Release Distribution Service

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Why Use a Press Release Distribution Service

Press releases are often maligned as a means of advertising your business and generating customers; but that is because those that dismiss the press release are not aware of the true power that they have with the advent of the Internet. Through the use of a press release distribution service such as our own you could have your release under the noses of literally thousands of blog and website owners who are desperate for content for their sites. Your press release has the potential to be read by many thousands of people within your targeted area or industry each of whom could easily become your next customer or client. Finding individual sites that could feature your news story would be a huge task if you tried to do it yourself manually, then you would have to contact each owner with an email and probably meet their requirements for formatting; all in all you would spend many days and likely get your work published on only a handful of sites. Press release distribution gets your press release to dozen of sites instantly.

Creating a Killer Press Release

To have your press release published is not always an easy task, while some sites will just automatically publish any story within their niche area many are little choosier as to what they will allow to be published on their sites. Therefore it is important that your press release will be well written and interesting enough to catch the attention of the website publisher and the reader. A press release that does not make people want to read it will never gain you traffic. This is why we also offer a service to write your press release for you alongside our press release distribution services. Our experienced and highly skilled writers can craft you an excellent release with a title that will help generate interest. The title and opening paragraph are the most vital parts of the press release if you want people to actually read them.

Our Press Release Distribution

When you have your perfect press release completed you can select the sites that you wish to use within our press release distribution network. Each of these sites publishes your press release under appropriate category. Your release could appear on news sites such as Google news, blogs, websites and online magazines depending on its appeal and the niche in which it is written. So if you need to get your press release in front of the maximum number of potential readers and customers make use of our highly effective service for distribution. Press release distribution has never been simpler.