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Press Release Writing

We hire the very best journalists to provide press release writing for our press release services. These writers know how to use the English language to entrap the reader and lead them to the call to action within your press release thus generating interest in your brand and your products. You need an expert to write a press release if you want to achieve your aims and not waste your money. A press release that does not grab your attention will fail; you need our experts write a press release that will get those readers.

Press Release Editing

If you have the skills to write your own press release but maybe not the time to go through it to ensure that it is everything that it can possibly be; we offer editing as part of our press release service. We will ensure that your press release flows perfectly from start to end and contains appropriate language throughout.

Press Release Distribution

With potentially many thousands of places that your press release could be published both offline and online, it is vital that you use press release services with distribution services. Our service will ensure that your press release will be brought to the attention of these many thousands of editors and owners. By the careful and correct use of keywords and categorization, we will make sure that your press release will be found by all of the relevant publications and sites that are searching for content from your specific area.

Google News Submission

Many companies want to ensure that their press release appears within Google news. Google news will find stories from selected news sites and deliver them to searchers depending on the search phrases that they use. Our press release writers will ensure that your press release contains the right information to be found and that your press release is of the correct standard to be published by these news sites.

SEO Press Release Writing

Writing a press release for people is only one side of writing press releases online. The best press release service can also ensure that when they write a press release it is written for the search engines also. The use of search engine optimization is required to get your press release to appear in the searches if you want people to find it. Our press release services know exactly how to do this without breaking any of Google’s rules.

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