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Press Release Samples

Using press releases is often overlooked by many companies as they feel that maybe they will not get a good return on their investment. But that will all depend on the quality of the press release and how it is distributed. With the internet it can be very simple to get your press release in front of many thousands of different website owners from bloggers to industry news sites. But these will only publish your press release if they think that it will be of interest to their readership. We can provide you with press release samples from our service that are capable of driving visitors to your event or website. These press release samples will be able to achieve the following;

Creating Interest with a Press Release

A press release has to be able to grab the reader’s attention through its headline; they don’t call it a hook for nothing! It has to reel the reader in and get them to start reading your release. If it fails in this regard not only will no one read it when it is published it will also be unlikely to be published as the editors and owners of these sites will have a similar reaction to the readers and will just skip over it when selecting the releases to select for their site. You will see from our sample press releases how we achieve this simply.

Keeping the Reader on the Page

Once you have the reader and the editor reeled in with your hook you need to keep their interest. It is vital that your opening paragraph or two tells the reader everything that they need to know about the subject of your press release and leads them to your call to action. If the opening paragraphs fail to deliver what the headline has promised or fail to engage the readers you will have failed in your task. Our press release samples will show you how we achieve this.

Press release call to action

A call to action is really what your press release is often about, especially if you are trying to drum up new business rather than just build your brand. Your call to action can be anything from getting the reader to attend a grand opening of a new store, go looking for your products this coming weekend as there are discounts available or maybe to visit your website via a link to gain more information about your company and its products.

How our press release samples can help you

As a business owner you want to see that you will get a good return for your buck; by viewing our press release sample you can see exactly how we will manage to get readers and website owners to want to read your press release and then stay interested to read through to the end. You will also be able to see how we will get them to take action and add benefit to your business. If you want to see samples of press releases through this service just get in touch.