Press Release Editing Service

It is very difficult to spot errors in your own copy because you are too close to it. You will be reading your copy, and even though errors are on the page, your mind is automatically seeing and reading the correct words. Even the best writers make errors when they write, and that’s why it is never recommended that any writer review their own work. A press release riddled with errors makes you and your organization look unprofessional and careless, and the media professionals whose attention you are trying to attract will simply ignore you.

We will proof-read and edit your press release to catch grammatical and typographical errors: Capitalization, grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage and so on to clean up your copy for you. However, any proof-reader and editor can provide those services for you. So, by now you are asking yourself, “Why would I need Press Release Writers, to edit my press release?”

That’s a Good Question and the Answer Is Simple

Press release writing is very different from other writing, and as such, has to be structured a certain way. Our team of editors who work in our press release editing department have many years of experience editing press releases, so they know what works and what does not. Our editors also know that it is possible that the most groundbreaking news can go unnoticed simply because the press release does not have a headline and introduction that immediately grabs attention.

Our press release writers understand that news worthy of a press release can be presented in many ways, but finding the right way can be difficult, and that is another way we can help you. And many times, there is a fine line between news and marketing hype, however, our press release writers know how to strike the perfect balance so that media professionals do not dismiss your news.

Another reason you should use our press release editing services is our editors will never add or remove content from your press release, because we understand you wrote it to covey a message in a specific tone. What we will do is clean up your release so that it is professional, commands attention, and entices readers – we never change the tone of your message. Our editors at Press Release Writers also work with an SEO specialist who will update the press release copy to ensure optimal keyword placement and density. However, you will always get to see the final version of your release for review before it is distributed.

Let our press release editing services work for you!