Best Political Press Release Writing

Political parties regularly publish press release statement to advise the public of their activities and to endorse candidates. A political press release that is written well is one of the best ways to gain publicity for the party or a candidate vying for election to public office. Such a document can be compared to a very short newspaper article that you distribute to all the media contacts that have an interest in the party or in politics in general.

The Internet has become the most popular mode of distributing the news in the 21st century. It is little wonder then that parties regularly use the web to send out a political press release whenever they have something newsworthy to share. Such marketing tools are not reserved for those trying to convince the electorate to vote for them but a government press release is a very common method of making announcements of all kinds. Then when searchers look for information about a particular policy or a political party, the press release shows up in the search engine results.

Getting Started with a Political Press Release

The most important part of preparing a political press release is the background work that you do. It is essential that you have a story worthy of making the news. If it doesn’t, then you won’t get the publicity you are looking for because it won’t be picked up by the online media, journalists or editors. Formulate a first draft of the story you want to share and then start writing the press release for that story. Every newsworthy story answers five main questions – Who, What, When, Where and Why. Sometimes, depending on the situation, you might also have to answer “How”.

Different Viewpoints of a Political Press Release

There are many different perspectives you can take when writing a political press release. For example, a candidate who has just entered the race might issue a press release announcing the candidacy. The political party might issue a press release endorsing this candidate or may announce a fundraiser that will be held in the near future. In any case the same format will be used for a political or government press release.

Short and concise are the two main words you have to remember when writing a political press release. The idea is to inform the public of the announcement – not to bore them with the details. If there is a much longer story to be told, then you just give a summary of it in the press release and then direct the readers to a website or a contact person to get the rest of the information.