Business Press Release Writing For Small Business Owners

Small business owners rarely think of writing press releases because they do not realize the value that it has for their marketing efforts and because they believe that it is very expensive. You don’t have to hire a publicist because it is a simple process of hiring a writer from our site to create a business press release for you at an affordable price. Other than that you will have to write it yourself and if you are not familiar with this style of writing it will be challenging to write business press releases.

Our writers can give you tips to get you started writing a business press release. The main thing is that you have to learn the format for writing a small business press release. This format may not be readily apparent to you simply from reading other business press releases, but for our writers the process is very simple and straightforward because they are so used to this form of writing. A press release for a new business would be written differently than one for an established business that is introducing a new product.

Writing a Headline for a Business Press Release

The headline and the very first sentence of a business press release must sum up the essence of the message you want to convey to your customers. This is something that requires practice in writing press releases of all kinds because it is the standard format. Put the most important information first by answering the 5 W questions – who, what, when, where and why – about the business. In order to do this correctly you will have to write several drafts so that you can effectively condense the information for a small business press release.

Writing the Rest of the Business Press Release

Once you have the first sentence down pat, you can use the next two paragraphs of a business press release to provide more details about the subject. A quote from a customer is always helpful as is a short message from the owner of the business.

A business press release should be short and precise. You don’t have any space to spare because you have to confine the information to one page or less. A typewritten page usually consists of about 500 words, so that is the word count that you have to aim for. Twitter requires 140 character count, which means you don’t have a lot of words to use if you want to use this form of social media to add a link to the press release. Above all the tone of the business press release must be interesting for the readers, yet it should be professional to ensure your credibility in the marketplace.