Google Press Release

Google is the number one search engine used all over the world. There is little wonder that website owners want to rank highly in the Google search results. We can help with this by writing a Google press release to make sure you have the highest chances of being ranked quickly. Without the use of the valuable tool a press release provides it could take as much as a year before you start to rise in the search results.

We submit your Google press release to several PR websites and it is possible that your site could show up in the first two pages overnight. That is how powerful Google press releases really are.  The aim is to have your press release published in Google News and in this way drive more traffic to your site. More traffic translates into a higher sales volume. The press release has to be optimized so that it will be picked up by the Google search robots.

Get the Best Google Press Release

We guarantee a well-written Google press release when you hire us for this writing project. Even if you have several subjects you want to cover it is best to stick to only one for each of your Google press releases. Research has shown that a press release that deals with multiple topics does not do as well as those that focus on only one at a time. The main way to ensure that you will get the results you need with the press release is to know what keyword you want the document to focus on. Many of our clients are not adept at writing for the web and therefore we can help them in choosing the best keywords based on Google Analytics for the most searched phrases.

We Are the Experts for a Google Press Release

By hiring us for Google press release writing you know that your release will be submitted to the top PR sites. When it is well-written and optimized for search engines in the correct manner, Google news will pick it up almost immediately. The best time of day to submit a press release is in the morning because this is the time of day that it is read the most often. Then you will be in the prime spot in Google for searchers who want to find your products in the evening when they are surfing the net at home.

Whether it is a new website or you are selling a new product the best way to get noticed online is to write and submit a Google press release. If you have been trying to market your site or product without much success, just try a Google press release and sit back to see tremendous results in a very short time.