Grand Opening Press Release

When you are planning to open a new business or re-open one in which you completed renovations, you need to let your customers know about the date for the grand opening. Press release writing is the best way to do this but the trick is to make it a newsworthy event.  So how do you write a store opening press release that will make the news? It doesn’t matter whether you have an online business or one that is brick and mortar. In order to get customers you have to let them know about through marketing. Online marketing is the way of the present and the future because there are so many users that shop online and read press releases.

What Is a Grand Opening Press Release?

grand opening press release sample

A press release is a short document consisting of only three or four paragraphs. In total you should try to keep a grand opening press release to about 500 words, which is the typical size of a page. You may have to condense some of the information to get everything in, but the bottom line is to make it interesting for the readers. Those editors and journalists who are looking for newsworthy events will pick up your grand opening press release and publish it elsewhere. You won’t have to pay for this extra exposure, so in essence it is free advertising for your business.

Inexpensive Way to Write a Grand Opening Press Release

You don’t need to have a large advertising budget to write and submit a great grand opening press release. It is important to plan the date of the release so that potential customers can mark the date on their calendars. When you have the date for the release, then you know how much time to have for crafting the store opening press release. According to experts in the business world, the best time for sending out the release is before 11 A.M on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You should avoid Friday to Monday because these are days when people are relaxing and not bothering too much with the news.
Every grand opening press release needs a catchy title to grab the attention of those for who it would be pertinent. You can have one headline or several subheadings as well to draw attention to specific details. Even though it is not designed to be a sales promotion tool, the press release should give examples of the sales customers can realize when they come to the event. The headline has to give a hint of what is to follow in the rest of the page.

Press Release Writing Press Release Writing and Distribution

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