How to Write a Fashion Press Release

Any new announcements you have to make concerning clothing, footwear, accessories or anything related to the style, garments and textiles should be made in a fashion press release. This is the best possible marketing tool to use to get the word out about your business. When you write fashion press releases and submit them to the appropriate press release sites you gain much more exposure than by traditional advertising methods. Not only do they help build your brand and reputation, but they increase your sales because you reach numerous potential customers.

Get the Facts for Your Fashion Press Release

Before you start writing the fashion show press release, take the time to jot down the important points you want to include. Then write a very catchy title for the fashion press release because this is the hook that will draw the readers in and make them want to learn more. You also have to consider the sites to which you are going to submit the press release. You should write one main press release and then rewrite it so that it is unique. This means you won’t be running the risk of submitting duplicate fashion press releases online.

Writing a fashion press release is very much like organizing the information in an inverted triangle. You provide the most important information at the beginning and then the information of lesser importance in the middle and at the end. For a fashion show press release, the most important details would be the date, time and location of the event so this should be placed immediately after the title.

Make Your Fashion Press Release Newsworthy

A fashion press release has to have newsworthy elements. Therefore the first paragraph that you write has to have some elements of a news story that will make it interesting enough to be picked up by the online media, such as Google News. Then in the subsequent paragraphs you can provide some information about you and the company.

It is essential that you keep the current styles in mind as you draft a fashion show release. If you are in the world of fashion it is no secret to you that fashions and styles are constantly changing. The fashion press release should be submitted as soon as you have reread, revised and edited the writing. Any mistakes in the release will take away from your credibility.

It is not an easy task to write a great fashion press release. Even the best of writers have great difficulty with this type of writing. We have extraordinary writers on our staff who can craft an expert fashion press release that will bring you the results you are looking for. Our rates are very affordable so you won’t go over your advertising budget and we do the submissions for you.