Make a Good Impression with a Restaurant Press Release

You only get one chance in a lifetime to make a good impression in the publicity that will draw customers into your restaurant. This is why you have to spend time considering the important points that you want to include in a restaurant press release. A restaurant opening press release, for example, has to be well-written because if the writing is sloppy potential customers may steer away from you thinking that your food preparation is sloppy as well. Accuracy is very important. You should never exaggerate any points you want to make. Just stick with the facts in your restaurant grand opening press release.

Reasons for a Restaurant Press Release

Opening a new restaurant is not the only reason for sending out a restaurant press release. Established businesses can take advantage of this marketing tool when they hire a new chef or a manager or want to send out a new menu press release. Online marketing calls for press release writing because it is the most efficient way to reach a large number of potential customers, especially if you use social media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Whatever the reason, the restaurant press release you send out has to be considered newsworthy. This is the main rule for writing an effective press release whether it is for online or offline. When it is newsworthy online media will pick it up and share it giving you free publicity. Getting such publicity soon after you send out the restaurant opening press release or the new menu press release tells you that you have succeeded in making a good first impression.

We Will Write Your Restaurant Press Release

The fact is that not everyone has the skills or talents to write a restaurant press release or any kind of press release for that matter. You do need to have good writing and editing skills and to be able to format news stories in the correct manner. The title must be catchy and you have to try to condense the important information so that you answer the 5 W questions just as a news story does. You don’t have an unlimited space to do this either because your restaurant press release has to fit on one page or less. Experts recommend that even for a restaurant grand opening press release you should limit the word count to about 500 words.

Our affordable rates for restaurant press release writing are very appealing to restaurant owners. We have many repeat customers because of the concise way in which we can craft the press release and distribute it to the appropriate sites. We also know the best time of day to carry out the submissions so that you will be picked up by major search engines within a short period of time.