New Hire Press Release

Our Experts Know All the Tricks Behind a Perfect New Hire Press Release

When you want to let the world know about new employees who have joined your company, the best way to do so is to send out a new hire press release. The idea is to let everyone associated with the company to be aware of the new person on staff and the talents this person has that will be beneficial to the company and the clientele. Any press release announcing new hire should have “For Immediate Release” printed on the top of the page in capital letters.

Parts of a New Hire Press Release

The next part of a new hire press release is pretty standard – the name and address of the company, the telephone number and who to contact if there are any questions about the press release. New hire press releases then put the company name as the headline with the name of the new staff member as the title of the page. The first paragraph of any new employee press release should provide some background information on the person as it relates to the job for which he/she was hired.

Since it is a new hire press release deemed to be newsworthy enough to be sent out to everyone concerned, it should read like a newspaper article answering the five W’s. This includes a brief description of the role that this new hire will play within the company and the level of responsibility involved in that role.

Welcome Message in a New Hire Press Release

In order to demonstrate the welcome that the new employee is receiving through the new hire press release it is important to include a quote from one of the high level executives of the company sanctioning the employment. If possible a customer quote could be included so that other customers will know that the press release announcing new hire is for a person with expertise in the business world.

A brief description or history of the company should round out the new hire press release. This is a lot of information to include in a short piece of writing, such as a new employee press release. You will need to choose your words carefully so as not to omit important information, but at the same time not be too wordy. That is why companies come to us when they need a new hire press release written. They can depend on us for quality writing and submission to all the appropriate sites and persons of interest. We have the experience and the expertise to write the press release new hire in the way it which it should be written to be deemed newsworthy.