Social Media Press Release

A social media press release is one that is published on the online social media networks that are so popular today with people of all ages and from all walks of life. It is a new term that has developed with the influence of such social media sites as Twitter, Facebook and others. In the past a media press release was the only way to get the word out about a new business, a new product on the market, a new hire by a large company or any other important news. This referred to sending the press release to newspapers, magazines, radio and television. The Internet has taken over the way in which people shop and read the news, which means that a social media press release will reach a much larger number of people.

The Importance of a Social Media Press Release

Social media networks are those in which thousands of people are interconnected with one another by friendships, work, hobbies and other connections. In recent years these networks have dominated the Internet with people all over the world talking to one another and sharing information on a daily basis. The way in which this source works as a marketing tool is that if one person comments on or shares a social media press release all the people in his/her friends’ list will see it.

When you consider the fact that there are almost 800 million users on Facebook alone you will understand why writing a social media press release has become so important to online business owners and event planners. The submission is cheap, if not free in some cases, which means that it is indeed the most cost-effective advertising available in today’s market. Submitting a media press release is very costly and may not be read by the customers you are trying to target.

Considerations for a Social Media Press Release

There are certain factors involved in creating a social media press release that will bring in the desired results. It has to be creative and catch the reader’s attention. Many of those who have failed at this marketing do not realize that readers say the writing was boring and that they didn’t even read the full release. The same thing is true if you write a very long press release. It should be short and to the point without belaboring any aspect of the business, product or event.

Our writers are very skilled in writing a social media press release for you. We know that such a piece of writing should only be about 500 words and should have catchy words and phrases to make you want to proceed to the website to learn more.