Sports Press Release Writing

Sports press release writing is a great way to announce any news about sports teams or to advertise upcoming sporting events. We engage in this type of writing for our customers, but we do require that you send us all the information needed for the press release so that no pertinent information will be omitted. We need the date and location of the event, the team and your reasons for needing a press release – why would people want to know about this. If there is a team logo, you should upload this as well because it will go a long ways towards identifying the team.

What to Tell in a Sports Press Release

You can also request a sports press release to present news about team members, especially those of national or international fame. Sports enthusiasts follow their favorite team news online and mainly because of sports press releases from the managerial staff. You do need to have a great knowledge of the sport involved to be able to craft a great press release. Many people try to incorporate too much information in such releases but the best written ones are only 500 to 750 words.

Our sports press release writers are experienced in this style of writing. It requires something extra in order to sell the tickets to the sporting event. Sports teams market their skills and events and sports press releases are the best marketing tools because they can be read online.

How Our Writers Create a Sports Press Release

  1. Creativity is all important in writing a press release, especially one for sports. Writers have to grab the reader’s attention right away with a catchy title and catchy words and phrases in the first paragraph.
  2. Any sports press release has to be deemed newsworthy enough to be picked up by Google news. We write the press release in such a way that it is the latest news that everyone is waiting to hear.
  3. The lead paragraph will answer the 5 W’s – who, what, when, where and why.
  4. We know which PR sites to submit your sports press release so that it will be indexed by Google and other major search engines. This means that it will appear in the top rankings rather quickly after it has been submitted.

A sports press release should be written in newspaper story format. It should give all the pertinent information without going into too much detail. We add your URL to the release so that readers will visit your site, increasing your traffic and views.