The Value of a Book Press Release

When an author or a publisher releases a new book the fastest way to get the word out is to publish a book press release. A press release can be used to let the world know about anything new on the market. If you are a member of Facebook and like to read then you regularly get book press releases from book stores and publishers that are in your list of Likes. Even though it is the most effective marketing tool available, it is not easy to write a great press release for a book. It is also a cost-effective manner for authors who do not have a high budget for advertising.

The Essence of a Book Press Release

Like all other press releases, a book press release answers the 5 W’s. The creative part in writing a press release for book publishing to come up with an angle on the plot of the book that will snag the interest of readers and make them want to buy the book immediately. It is not intended to be a way of making strong selling points, but the purpose is rather to garner interest from a huge number of potential customers.

Book press releases can take on different perspectives of a book depending on the site to which it is being submitted. A book press release has to be written as being newsworthy if you want it to be picked up by Google news so that it will rank highly in Google’s search engine. You could write a tidbit about the plot that you know the readers will enjoy and then you can add an address online or off where they can make their purchase. Another idea for a press release for book stores could be about a book signing for the launch of the book.

Send more than One Book Press Release

You don’t have to stick to writing only one book press release. There are many different angles you can look at and write a press release related to each one of them. In this way you will be sure of reaching the most possible customers as you can with the online sites you submit to. By changing the content of the book press release to suit the site you have unique and authentic content for each one. Google frowns on publishing the same content on more than one site, so you would fare a lot better to make sure that each book press release is completely different from the others.

If you decide to write your own book press releases you may find it hard to write more than two or three that are different. However, our press release writers don’t have any difficulty in changing the content of each press release for a book and retaining the same idea.