The Value of a Movie Press Release

It doesn’t matter how great a movie may be no one will know about it without marketing it through a movie press release. This is certainly true for small independent film makers who do not have the million dollar budgets of the famous movie producers. It is a challenging task to create a film press release that will get the word out to numerous movie-goers. In order for a film to become an award winner it has to have viewers and for this reason it is important to have experienced writers for movie press releases.

Formatting a Movie Press Release

A movie press release does have to be formatted in a specific manner. When you follow the proper procedure both you and the film will be viewed as being credible in the film industry. When the film press release is recognized as being in the same category as those by the great producers then there is a much better chance of it being picked up by the movie journalists online.

For a movie press release, the first details you include are the name of your company and your address in the same format as in writing a business letter. Then you include the contact information of the publicist, if it is different from your name. You should not have your name entered twice on movie press releases. The main body of a video press release should start with the title of the movie followed by a brief synopsis of the movie to attract the interest. The title should be written in all capital letters to make sure it is the focal point of the press release.

Get Increased Interest with a Movie Press Release

The general idea for a movie press release is to generate interest around the release of the movie. In this way, you will have customers at the launch that include the media personnel who will review the movie and let others know about its opening in theaters. Under no circumstances should the movie press release be any longer than one page in length.

Experts recommend that you should limit the word count of a movie press release to about 500 words. This means that you will have to do a lot of rewriting to condense the information to this amount. You cannot go into detail about any specific aspect, which makes it very challenging to choose the right words to get the message across and still let you be creative in your writing. Fortunately, we have the writers who are well able to perform this task for you in very little time and at an affordable rate.